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Leaving a gift to charity in your will is an amazing way
for your generosity to last beyond your own lifetime.

Legacies from kind supporters made up 54% of the total income of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital in the first decade of the 21st Century.

By leaving a legacy, you will help the medical teams to help the patients and their families and friends in more ways than you may imagine. Your gift will help us to fund additional equipment, services and amenities which the hospital would otherwise not be able to afford, such as:

Equipment: In 2015 the Friends purchased the first Da Vinci Surgical Robot which has revolutionised prostate cancer treatment.

Services: The Friends helped to fund the Pevensey Unit which cares for patients undergoing treatment for cancer and other blood-related illnesses.

Amenities: The friends helped to fund the creation of a Sensory Garden for patients and staff.

You could help thousands of patients benefit from the most cutting edge equipment, resulting in better outcomes and faster recoveries, and you will be remembered for your generous support.

Furthermore, by leaving a legacy to charity, you could save Inheritance Tax by the use of Charity Exemption, as any gifts you give to charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax. You could also benefit from a reduced rate of Inheritance Tax of 36% instead of 40% on the remainder of your estate.

Types of Legacies

Pecuniary Legacy: This is a gift of a fixed sum of money and may be as little or as much as you would like to give.

Specific Gift: This is a gift of a specific item, such as an item of furniture, jewellery, or all of your personal chattels.

Residuary Gift: This is a gift of a share in your estate after the payment of debts, taxes, funeral expenses and other gifts specified in your Will. This is often expressed in a percentage share which makes planning easier for you where you are uncertain as to what your estate may contain in the future.

What if I have already made my Will?

If you have already made a Will you might consider asking a solicitor to draw up a codicil for you, bequeathing an amount to the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital. Please do research and contact local solicitors who would be very prepared to arrange this for you.


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