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2024 special project

The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have agreed to purchase
a gamma camera for nuclear medicine as their Major Project
of 2024 and will be fundraising for £500K.

Help us to help more patients with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have agreed to purchase a gamma camera for nuclear medicine as their Major Project of 2024 and will be fundraising for £500K.

What is a gamma camera?

A gamma camera looks like a CT and MRI scanner, but works differently. Radioactive dye is injected and travels to the targeted bit of the body that the team are interested in studying. The camera picks up this small amount of radiation which is converted into an electrical signal. A 3D picture map of what is going on inside the patient is made and enables quicker identification of cancer markers in patients, how invasive the cancer cells are, and gives full digital imaging in less time.

What are the key benefits of the gamma camera?

Early Detection: The gamma camera allows healthcare professionals to identify abnormalities at their earliest stages. This early detection is critical for timely intervention and improved outcomes.

Personalized Treatment: By providing detailed insights into organ function and disease progression, the gamma camera empowers medical teams to tailor treatments based on individual patient needs. This personalized approach is a huge step towards more effective and targeted healthcare.

Reduced Invasive Procedures: With the gamma camera’s ability to reveal intricate details less invasively, patients can often avoid more invasive diagnostic procedures. This not only enhances patient comfort but also minimizes the risks associated with certain medical interventions.

Precision in Cancer Care: In the realm of oncology, the gamma camera enables precise localization of tumors, aiding in the planning of targeted radiation therapy and monitoring treatment response.

Comprehensive Imaging: Unlike conventional imaging tools, the gamma camera provides a comprehensive view of physiological functions, giving healthcare providers a more complete picture for informed decision-making. 

How does the gamma camera differ from traditional methods?

The main difference between gamma camera imaging and more traditional imaging, methods, such as X-rays and CT scans, lies in the type of information they capture and the underlying principles of their operation. Nuclear medicine imaging evaluates how organs work, whereas other imaging methods assess how the organs look.

Gamma camera imaging provides functional information about the physiological processes within the body. It shows how organs and tissues are functioning, allowing for the assessment of organ function, blood flow, and metabolic activity.

Traditional imaging methods primarily provide structural information. They produce detailed images of bones, organs, and soft tissues, helping to identify fractures, tumors, and abnormalities in anatomical structures.

While traditional imaging methods like X-rays and CT scans provide detailed structural information, gamma camera imaging in nuclear medicine offers a unique perspective by revealing the functional aspects of physiological processes within the body.

The biggest advantage of a SPECT-CT gamma camera such as this one is that it combines both nuclear medicine and CT to create a hybrid image giving both functional and structural assessment.

Why Your Support Matters

The acquisition of a Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera will directly impact the lives of patients, ensuring they receive the most advanced care available. By contributing to this project, you are investing in the well-being of your community. Your donation, no matter the size, will be a crucial building block in the foundation of improved healthcare for Eastbourne and beyond.

You can help support the appeal in many ways including:

  • Donating online (dedicated donations page is currently underway, but you can visit to find out the many ways in which you can donate
  • Joining the Friends as an individual or corporate member
  • Organising our own fundraising event through work, social groups, or school
  • Making the appeal your business’s charity of the year
  • Supporting our project through a gift in your will

Please contact the Friends Office on 01323 749503 or by email on for more information.

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