Annual General Meeting


The next AGM is at 2 pm on Thursday 21 November 2019
in the Lecture Theatre at the Eastbourne DGH – all welcome


The 70th AGM of the FoEH was held on Wednesday 28 November 2018  in the Lecture Theatre at the Eastbourne DGH.

Before the business part of the meeting commenced Ollie Hodges from Eastbourne Motoring Centre presented a cheque for £9452.65 that was raised at the recent Sugar Ray Golf Day. This was a record amount for this annual event. Dr Walmsley thanked Ollie and all at Eastbourne Motoring Centre for not only organising this each year, but the support given over the year, including lending the Friends vans for the Cream Tea and Art Exhibition. These thanks were re-iterated by Dr Nash.

Merit awards were presented by the Deputry Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, Mr John Smith to:
Elaine Browne for involvement in so many of the Friends activities including the Art Exhibition, Cream Tea, Open Gardens and the Remade Card team
Heather Harper for her work in organising the Open Garden programme each year.
Sylvia Sanderson for over 15 year’ cheerful and loyal service in the Friends Shop.
There was also an award for Gill Woolley, for her work in organising the Open Garden programme and as a Trustee. Gill was not present and was given her award at a later date.

John Smith spoke on behalf of Peter Field, the Lord Lieutenant who had a previous engagement, to thank the Friends for their work, and to congratulate the recipients of the merit awards. He has been in Eastbourne for a long time and feels the Friends are a model of good practice. As a representative of Her Majesty The Queen, he thanked the Friends for all they do on her behalf.

Anita thanked the Friends for the invitation to the AGM and the opportunity to speak to members and thank them for the donation of the Fibreoptic Endoscope. She gave an interesting talk on the impact that swallowing difficulties can have on a person’s life. The new ‘scope’ enables much quicker diagnosis and can be done at the bedside rather than involving radiology. The ‘scope’ is easily transportable so can be used in many wards and departments as required. She ended her talk by playing a video of the various staff that use the equipment and a patient who has felt the benefit thanking the Friends for the generous donation.

Chairman, Dr Harry Walmsley, told the audience that the FoEH had been asked by the Trust to raise £500,000 to provide equipment for both the outpatient Urology Investigation Suite (UIS) and an Enhanced Care Unit, which will provide enhanced care for urology and surgical patients.

In 2015 the Friends raised £1 million to purchase a Da Vinci surgical robot for Urology, enhancing the department`s reputation as a Regional Centre. The new Urology Unit on the second floor of the Eastbourne DGH will be made up of an outpatient UIS, an inpatient ward, an Ambulatory Care Unit and an Enhanced Care Unit for eight patients.  Scheduled to open in 2019, the Urology Unit will result in an inclusive outpatient/inpatient service, with the UIS increasing from 5 to 10 treatment rooms. This will allow for 10 one-stop clinics per day for consultations and investigations leading to faster diagnosis and treatment of patients, including those with cancer.  The unit’s 8 bedded enhanced care facility will be for patients who have had major surgery and require close monitoring and observation.  Some of these patients will have had operations using the Da Vinci Robot.

Dr Adrian Bull, CEO of the Trust echoed the words of Anita Smith saying how much gratitude the hospital owes to the Friends. He felt any town would be proud and privileged to have the support of such an organisation. Having worked in many locations he has not seen anything like the Friends elsewhere. The organisation is a credit to the Trustees. Throughout the hospital there are signs and evidence of the equipment that has been supplied. Dr Bull advised things can take a long time in the NHS but the order has been placed for the Urology Investigation suite and work should commence by the end of
January 2019.

Dr Bull has enjoyed attending some of the Friends events, and found the 70th anniversary dinner to be a revelation to see the history of contributions over 70 years. He decided against giving a resume of the current state of the Trust, but it needs the support of the Friends and owes them a debt of gratitude.

David Clayton-Smith, Chairman of the Trust then spoke of the class and style that the Friends have brought to the hospital and reiterated the comments made by Dr Bull. In challenging, changing times it is comforting to know that the Friends are there. Mr Clayton-Smith is leaving the Trust  in January 2019 having enjoyed the constructive and collaborative working with the Friends over the past three years. He thanked the Friends for the invitation to the AGM and the opportunity to speak.


Click on the link to read the Chairman’s Annual Report 2018 and for the 2017-8 Statement of Financial Activities

The next AGM is on Thursday 21 November 2019 at 2 pm in the Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, EastbourneDGH.  Call 01323 438236 to book your place or email us on: esh‑