Annual General Meeting


The next AGM is at 2 pm on Wednesday 28 November 2018
in the Lecture Theatre at the Eastbourne DGH – all welcome


The 69th AGM of the FoEH was held on Wednesday 22 November 2017 the Lecture Theatre at the Eastbourne DGH.

At the meeting, David Lambird stepped down as a Trustee of the charity.  Peter Nash, President of the FoEH, thanked him for his years of service, particularly for his support of the Pevensey Appeal.

Merit awards were presented by the Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, Mr Peter Field to: Alan Everard, Jeanette Evans, Carole Ingram and Jeanette Simpson.  Derek Baulcomb, John Powley and Ruth Shand, who were not present, were awarded with merit awards at a later date by Mrs Ann Caffyn.
Mr Field then congratulated the Friends on a well-run AGM and another successful year. He was delighted to be here on behalf of HM The Queen, who has just celebrated her 70th Wedding Anniversary, as the Friends 70th year approaches.

Julie Warner, Head of Radiotherapy at the Sussex Cancer Centre thanked the Friends for the opportunity of being able to speak to the Members and thank them for the generous donation of the CT Scanner for the new Radiotherapy Unit. Special mention was given to the Medi Tech Trust and the Sussex Freemasons for their very generous support.  She outlined the journey that had been involved to bring the new unit to Eastbourne, which took over 8 years.  The Unit opened on June 19th, with a slow moderate build up. A new team of Radiographers and support staff have been recruited. Initially the Unit was treating mainly prostate cancer patients but will start treating those with breast cancer very shortly and other types of cancer will follow.

Catherine Ashton, Director of Strategy, spoke on behalf of the Trust, thanking the FoEH, the volunteers and the charity’s supporters for their generosity and support.

Chairman, Dr Harry Walmsley, told the audience that the FoEH had been asked by the Trust to raise approximately £250,000 towards a trio of special projects for 2018 and that the Trustees had agreed to undertake this commitment.  The FoEH will be raising:

  • £52,000 to provide a Fibreoptic Endoscope for the Swallowing Disorder Clinic.  A Fibreoptic endoscope allows a simple and safe way of looking down the throat, watching the patient swallowing, and seeing if the cough reflex is effective enough to clear the airway if needed. This allows a safe eating and swallowing plan to be made for each effected patient. This equipment will be used for patients who have difficulty in preparing food in the mouth and swallowing; a problem that is common in several diseases, not least in some people with a stroke.
  • £100,000 for the replacement of dental equipment in the Maxillofacial and Orthodontic Department, to make it a state of the art unit for years to come.
  • £98,000 for an Echocardiography Machine for the Cardiology Department.  Increased demand for this service, including the need to provide it 7 days a week, means there is not currently enough echocardiography capacity. Technology has also moved on since the current machines were purchased. New machines are quicker, have better picture processing power making it easier to pick up heart problems earlier. This will also reduce the need for additional and more invasive testing.

Click on the link to read the Chairman’s Annual Report 2017 and for the 2016-7 Statement of Financial Activities

The next AGM is on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at 2 pm in the Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, EastbourneDGH.  Call 01323 438236 to book your place or email us on: esh‑