I Harry Walmsley for webhave recently taken over as Chairman of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital (FoEH) from Peter Nash, who held the post for 10 years and led the Friends in raising £8 million during that time; I hope to at least match that achievement.

The FoEH is a registered charity founded in 1948 at the time of the establishment of the NHS  and since then has contributed hugely to the hospital service by providing much needed equipment, resources and amenities for patients, staff and visitors.

Signposts with words_thanksSome have questioned why raise money for a hospital that has lost some services? Well, Eastbourne DGH has one of the biggest Stroke Units in the country, as well as being a Regional Centre for Urology Cancer – both of which have come about with the financial support of the Friends. There is also a Radiotherapy Unit being built, which will open in 2016 making a positive difference to patients undergoing treatment for cancer. So the hospital, although different, is thriving and our support will make all the difference.

During 2016 the Friends have agreed to raise £500K for a new CT scanner, which will enable the Stroke Service to continue to improve and grow. Please support the Friends with this in any way you can.

Dr Harry Walmsley

Registered Charity Number: 220592

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