Volunteers at the Eastbourne DGH are putting their knitting needles to good use knitting Twiddlemuffs for patients with dementia.  And they are looking for more knitters to join them.

Twiddlemuffs are knitted woollen muffs with items such as ribbons, large buttons or textured fabrics attached that patients with dementia can twiddle in their hands whilst on the wards at the EDGH. People with dementia often have restless hands and like something to keep them occupied. The Twiddlemuffs provide a source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation at the same time as keeping hands snug and warm.

The idea for the project was “pinched with pride” from another hospital – Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – and has been taken up by Sue Hitchen from the Friends Shop  who is keen to get other knitters on board to help create more Twiddlemuffs to be used in the hospital and the community.

Sue said: “We are hoping that volunteers, including staff, patients and visitors, will come forward to put their knitting skills to good use and make more Twiddlemuffs. They are an excellent way of helping to combat the restlessness and agitation that may be experienced by patients with dementia and we would love to have more knitters to help.”

If you can’t knit but would like to contribute to this worthwhile project you can donate wool or ‘decorations’ to be sown onto the muffs: anything from large buttons, ribbons and beads to squishy or textured items.  Please bring your finished Twiddlemuffs and donations of wool and decorations to the Friends Shop in the main foyer of the hospital.

To start knitting a Twiddlemuff, click here to download the Twiddlemuff instructions.