2021 Special Project

To raise £72,000 for improvements to the Resus Area of A&E at the EDGH

The Resus Area of A&E has six bays and is where the most seriously ill or injured patients arriving at the hospital are treated.  

Currently each bay is set up individually and equipment is stored across the room. This means that staff have to leave the bay to gather the specific equipment that they need.  For their own safety, staff also sometimes have to leave the room when a patient in another bay is being x-rayed. 

The £72,000 being raised by the FoEH will fund lead-lined dividing walls between each bay.  These walls will have built in storage on both sides meaning that every bay can be set out in the same way and stocked with all the key equipment necessary, therefore saving valuable time in an emergency.  The lead-lined walls will enable staff to stay with their patient safely, even if another patient in the room is having an x‑ray.  Each bay will have a computer terminal, essential in a department that went paper-free in December 2020.