Educational Bursary for EDGH Staff

From a specific bequest left to the Friends for the benefit of staff at Eastbourne DGH, the trustees have decided to offer one or more educational and related bursaries/grants to a total value of £2,000.00 per annum.

The over-riding qualification for any bursary/grant is that it is available only to staff at Eastbourne DGH and that there should be a clear benefit to the DGH for at least a foreseeable length of time as the bequest and constitution of the charity allows funds to be directed only to this purpose.

The trustees will consider a wide range of possible assistance to staff but applications for a bursary/grant could be made to cover such costs as:

  • educational costs for the applicant to enter into or continue study for any medical-related purpose where the costs are not eligible for NHS money,
  • travel-related costs that would enable the applicant to gain clinical education or experience over and above that which is normally available,
  • feasible educational projects which clearly aim to benefit patients and improve clinical outcomes. However, the trustees will also consider projects which clearly aim to explore teaching, learning or assessment at the DGH, and
  • Career development costs that will also benefit the DGH in some way.

The trustees may award applications in part or in full; use the full grant amount or only a part thereof and, of course, the trustees of course retain the right to make the final decision as to the bursary/grant.

Applications (forms available from the Friends’ office via email or on 01323 438236) should be made in writing to The Chairman, Friends’ Office, Eastbourne DGH giving full personal and professional details together with a full outline of the purpose and amount applied for.

The bursary/grant scheme may be terminated in future years at the trustees’ discretion.

Harry Walmsley

Chairman, Friends of Eastbourne Hospital

11 January 2017