Friends Donate Physiotherapy Devices

Friends donated a passive motion machine to physiotherapy to help patients recovering from knee surgeryThe Friends of Conquest and Eastbourne Hospitals have each donated two continuous passive motion machines to their respective hospitals. Each device costs £3,000 and are used during the rehabilitation of patients following various types of reconstructive joint surgery such as knee replacement.

The device moves the knee joint through a controlled range of motion, the exact range can be set and adjusted precisely by a physiotherapist.

Nigel Ellens Clinical and Operational Lead said: “We would like to thank both sets of Friends for their kind generosity in purchasing two new continuous passive motion machines for both Conquest and Eastbourne Hospitals. These machines are designed to slowly and gently bend a patient’s knee following orthopaedic surgery, to ensure that patients who require the machine achieve the best possible movement of their knee and aid their mobility, thereby improving their quality of life.”

Harry Walmsley Chairman of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital / Bill Hamilton Chairman of the Friends of Conquest Hospital said: “We are delighted to donate these devices to help people recover from orthopaedic surgery to their knee. Donations like these are only possible thanks to the generosity of those who donate money to the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital / Friends of Conquest Hospital.”