Celebrating 30 years of Aquatic Physiotherapy

Celebration of 30 years of Aquatic Physiotherapy at the Eastbourne DGH

Patients, Physiotherapy, Estates and Housekeeping staff, old and new, gathered to celebrate 30 years of Aquatic Physiotherapy at Eastbourne DGH.

Patients along with their physiotherapists were able to explain, to those present, the benefits of physiotherapy in water as part of their rehabilitation from injury, surgical procedure or for managing their long-term condition.

Aquatic Physiotherapy (formerly known as Hydrotherapy), is physiotherapy practiced in warm water.  The water in the pool is approximately 35ºC, allowing muscles to relax and relieving pain. The buoyancy of the water unloads the weight of the body, reducing stress on joints and allowing freedom of movement. The water can also provide a resistance to movement which can help strengthen muscles.

Anna Carter Lead Aquatic Physiotherapist said: “We wanted to celebrate the work that my colleagues, past and present, have done since the pool was opened. The water’s natural properties create an ideal therapeutic environment. Patients are often able to do so much more in the water than they can do out of it.”

Anna thanked the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital for the support they have given the department over the last 30 years. Most recently the charity purchased underwater static bikes and treadmills for use in the pool.

The Aquatic Physiotherapy pool is used every day of the working week with around 5,000 patient contacts every year. It is also hired out to bring in income which supports the running of the pool. The pool was opened when the second phase of Eastbourne DGH was completed in 1989.