Video Laryngoscope helps Anaesthetists improve patient safety

New video laryngoscopes will help give doctors an improved view of a patient’s throat when undergoing
a general anaesthetic prior to surgery. The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have donated four of these new scopes at a total cost of £44,000.

The new video laryngoscope has an LED camera to allow for a far wider view of the patient’s vocal cords than would be achieved in other ways. This makes a general anaesthetic safer for the patients whist the wider view, visible on a screen, will help to improve training of doctors.

Dr Naomi Forder Consultant Anaesthetist said: “We would like to thank the Friends for this generous donation. These new scopes are an exciting new advance in patient safety making a huge improvement of the view and access to a patient’s airway before surgery.”

Harry Walmsley Chairman of Friends of Eastbourne Hospital said: “We are pleased to be able to offer doctors in the anaesthetic department these new scopes. Being a retired Consultant Anaesthetist myself I can see they will be of great benefit. A big thank you to all those who donate money to the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital who help make donations such as this possible.”