Underwater bikes to benefit Hydrotherapy patients

The Trust is one of the first NHS aquatic physiotherapy (hydrotherapy) facilities in the South East to offer underwater bikes for patients as part of treatment thanks to a donation from the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital.  The charity donated approximately £5,000 for two underwater static bikes, an underwater trampoline and sets of upper limb resistance equipment for the pool.

Anna Carter, Clinical lead aquatic physiotherapist, Cameron Brew, Physiotherapist with Friends Representatives Sue Duffell, Peter Skilbeck, Trish Hamblin and Peter Nash.

Anna Carter Clinical lead aquatic physiotherapist said, “A massive thank you to the Friends of Eastbourne Hospitals for their continued support of the Eastbourne DGH aquatic physiotherapy department and it’s patients. The bikes and new equipment have already been used with great effect for patients rehabilitating from various injuries and conditions. There are so many benefits to this type of treatment. The warm water helps to reduce pain and the resistance of the water and support of buoyancy means patients can strengthen their muscles with less weight-bearing through the joints. The pressure of the water also helps to reduce swelling.” Aquatic physiotherapy takes advantage of the physical properties of the water so that patients can carry out exercises earlier in the water that may be too difficult and painful to do on dry-land. It is useful for a wide range of patients – adults and children recovering from acute injuries to chronic conditions such as arthritis and neurological dysfunctions. The aquatic physiotherapy team at the DGH have already used the new equipment to treat a variety of conditions including multi traumas, knee ligament reconstruction surgery, spinal cord injuries, arthritis and knee replacements.

Harry Walmsley Chairman of Friends of Eastbourne Hospital said: “We are delighted to be able to offer local patients this new equipment enabling Eastbourne DGH to be one the first NHS aquatic physiotherapy facilities in the South East to have such equipment. On behalf of the Friends, I would like to say a big thank you to all those who donate money and help make all this possible.”