New Equipment to assess the ear

The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have donated new equipment, costing around £10,000 to assess the ear of adults, babies and young children.

The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have purchased two Madsen Zodiac clinical tympanometers, each costing £4,980 for the Audiology department. The tympanometers allow Audiologists to perform detailed assessments of the middle ear, Eustachian tube and acoustic reflex pathway on patients of all ages, including new born babies. They will be used in Paediatric Audiology clinics held at Eastbourne Park Practice and in the Audiology and Ear Nose & Throat clinics held at the Eastbourne District General Hospital.

James Penfold, Paediatric Audiology Lead said “I would like to thank the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital for their continued generosity and support of the Audiology service. The new equipment allows us to perform tests of the middle ear that were previously unavailable to us, enhancing the already excellent care that we provide to our patients”.

Harry Walmsley, Chairman of The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital said: “The Friends of the Eastbourne Hospital are delighted to be able to donate this advanced equipment to provide enhanced examinations for babies, young children and adults. My thanks, and that of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital, is to all those local people who make buying equipment like this possible through their donations to the Friends.”