New Echocardiography donated by FoEH

New £98,000 Echocardiography machine gives doctors moving images, with a greater clarity and definition, of inside the heart.

The new machine, donated by the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital, provides better images of the heart and does so faster than on previous machines. This is particularly in patients that would normally be difficult to image, or with complicated heart conditions.

Dr Andrew Marshall Consultant Cardiologist said: “We would like to thanks the Friends for this generous donation. The new machine offers the ability to see clearer more defined images inside the heart. It will enable us to make more efficient decisions about patient care, which will help shorten waiting times, reduce admissions and reduce lengths of stay in hospital”

Harry Walmsley Chairman of Friends of Eastbourne Hospital said: “It is amazing to see the clarity and definition of video images from inside the heart. I know this machine will greatly benefit local cardiologists to diagnose a patients cardiac problem far more accurately because of the images this machine can generate. It is great the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital are able to help local people with this donation.”