2017 Special Projects

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During 2017 we will have 2 special proects

£500,000 towards a second CT scanner at the Eastbourne DGH

£300,000 towards equipment for the New Radiotherapy Department

£500,000 for a Second CT scanner 

What is a CT scanner?

CT stands for Computed Tomography.  CT scans are made by rotating an x-ray beam around the patient, imaging the body in a series of ‘slices’ that a computer stitches together to give doctors a 3-D view of the body.

Who will the new scanner help?

With the largest Stroke Unit in the country and the renowned Pevensey Unit, the acquisition of a state of the art CT scanner is yet another step in creating an advance technological Centre of Excellence for stroke and cancer patients in Eastbourne

Keeping up to date with the rapidly increasing technological advancement CT Scanning is vital for our commitment to patient care and treatment at the Eastbourne DGH.  The new CT scanner will:

  • Provide speedy and accurate results – vital for stroke and cancer diagnosis
  • Give a wealth of clear and specific information
  • Reduce the need for exploratory surgery
  • Aid planning for surgery
  • Give better outcomes for patients

£300,000 for the New Radiotherapy Department

The New Radiotherapy Unit building work is again underway which, when finished, will allow cancer patients in East Sussex to be treated in Eastbourne rather than have to go to Brighton. Wonderful news for our patients at what is a very difficult time for them and their families.

The Friends have been asked if we can raise £300,000 towards equipment for the Unit to which we have been delighted to say yes.

Bob LewisThe FoEH AGM was held at the end of November and the highlight was that the Medi Tech Trust said that they will match pound for pound (up to £150,000) the FoEH fundraising for the Eastbourne Radiotherapy Unit.  The Trust donated £50,000 at the AGM to start the fundraising off. Our very sincere thanks go to Bob Lewis, pictured here, and the other Medi Tech Trustees for this generosity.

What is Radiotherapy?

  • Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to treat disease. It can be given both externally and internally.
  • External radiotherapy aims high-energy x-rays at the affected area using a large machine.
  • Internal radiotherapy involves having radioactive material placed inside the body.
  • Radiotherapy works by destroying cancer cells in the area that’s being treated. Normal cells can also be damaged by radiotherapy, which may cause side effects. Cancer cells cannot repair themselves after radiotherapy, but normal cells usually can.

How can you help to raise money?

  • Register on BT MyDonate and ask your friends to sponsor you to complete a personal challenge such as a Marathon or reading all the works of Shakespeare
  • Arrange a Coffee Morning, Afternoon Tea or a Dinner Party and ask your friends for a donation
  • Hold a raffle
  • Organise a fund-raising event such a a Quiz or a Ball
  • Make a donation
  • Donate a prize for a raffle or an auction 
  • Help at one of our events
  • Publicise our events 
  • Sponsor an event


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