Friends donate latest 4D ultrasound scanner

14th May 2015

Friends donate latest 4D ultrasound scanner

4D Scanner

Pregnant women can now benefit from the latest 4D Ultrasound machine thanks to a generous donation from the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital.

The new scanner and large television screen cost around £56,000 and gives high quality imaging to check the condition of an unborn baby with clear colour moving 4D images helping to aid the diagnosis of foetal conditions.

Miss Nicky Roberts Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist said: “The antenatal maternity team are really grateful to the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital for their generous donation. This new ultrasound machine provides us with the latest technology to scan women locally. From a yawn to a stretch, or the beating of a baby’s heart, the live images help doctors and patients to view a baby’s first movements inside the womb more clearly. By viewing foetal movement patterns, we can better assess a baby’s well being.

“The big screen television helps a mother-to-be see very recognisable images of their baby’s face. Spending just a few minutes during ultrasound examination seeing her unborn baby helps to strengthen the mothers bond baby and quell any anxiety she may have. The ability of ultrasound to help with this psychological bond and views of the baby’s face is very important.”

Peter Nash Chairman of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospitals said: “We are pleased the Friends have been able to purchase this 4D ultrasound scanner. The images it can take are truly amazing. This is something the hospital, the local community and those who donate money to the Friends to be proud of. It will benefit many mothers to be in the years to come.”

This ultrasound technology helps doctors and nurses obtain lifelike images of the unborn babies in 3 and 4 dimensions (4D is moving 3D). 4D ultrasound works similarly to the traditional ultrasound except that the ultrasound waves are directed from multiple angles. The waves are reflected back and captured and together provide enough information to construct a moving three dimensional image of the foetus in much the same way as 3D movies.

A big television screen, also purchased by the Friends, enables pregnant women to see very recognisable images of their baby’s face in front of them. After the scan for a donation of £5 they are able to take away very clear images to share with family and friends.